Business Model:
Retail / Wholesale / Consumer products, B2C
Internet, Consumer Electronics, Mobile
Geographic Markets:
Africa, Asia, South America, Russian Federation
Company Overview:

Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company that manufactures smartphones, consumer electronics, and develops software. The company has built an array of products based on its MIUI operating system software including various smartphone lines, messaging app MiTalk, Android-powered smart TV Mi TV, MiCloud storage systems, MiWiFi network routers, and smart home products such as air purifiers and smart scales.

In 2015, it was the world’s 4th largest smartphone maker, however sales have decreased significantly since. The Beijing-based company mostly targets the lower-middle range of the market, and has gained a reputation for high incorporation of user feedback into product design. The company has invested in 18 companies.

Xiaomi makes money by

selling their smartphones and additional products to customers.


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Jun Lei
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Bin Lin
Co-founder, President
Wanqiang Li
Co-founder, Vice President
G. Zhou
Co-founder, Vice President
Jiangji Wong
Co-founder, Vice President
Feng Hong
Co-founder, Vice President
Chuan Wang
Co-founder, Vice President
De Liu
Co-founder, Vice President

Leading Investors:

  • Qiming Venture Partners

  • Morningside Group

  • Shunwei Capital

Financing Rounds:

Key Facts:

Xiaomi was ranked second in MIT Technology Review’s list of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2015, and in 2014 was rated no. 3 in Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies.

Xiaomi entered the Indian market in July 2014, and has continued rapid expansion, including opening a factory in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India. In June 2015 Xiaomi announced entry into the Brazilian market by both manufacturing and selling the Redmi 2 smartphone in Brazil. They are also making first steps into the US market.

After selling over one million Redmi Note 4 phones, the company is offering another phone for India, the Redmi Note 4A, which was released the second week of May 2017. Xiaomi’s focus for the phone is its affordable pricing and providing good specifications.

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