London, England
Business Model:
Advertising, B2C
Food and Beverage, Price Comparison, Online Shopping, Supermarket App
Geographic Markets:
United States, United Kingdom, Israel
Company Overview:

“mySupermarket is a grocery-shopping game changer” self.com 11\6\2103

mySupermarket is a hi-tech company, operating an online grocery shopping service in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel, changing the way people buy groceries and household essentials online and making it smarter and more profitable. The company provides shoppers with a platform to compare all the major online retailers in one place at one time and to purchase the cheapest shopping cart, using a variety of features designed to lower the purchase price as much as possible. As a result of the site’s sophisticated system infrastructure, the order time is shortened and efficiency and profitability increased. The service has a huge potential market, and is applicable to everyone who buys groceries.

Among the company investors are VC’s such as Greylock and Pitango.

The revolutionary grocery purchase approach used in the service, supplies shoppers with major advantages, more than any other existing buying method:

  • mySupermarket enables the shopper to save time. The website includes the six leading retailers in Israel and provides an online order option. The retailers displayed to the customer are only those making deliveries to his/her area. Online shopping saves the customer driving time, parking hassles, time spent in traffic jams and driving expenses.
  • mySupermarket saves money. Using the service provides the customer with the cheapest online store for any given shopping cart, ensuring the most profitable purchase.
  • “Swap & Save” service continuously scans the shopping cart, offering alternative products which are better and more economical.
  • “Fast buy” service and a “My Favorites” function saving previous orders shortens order filling time and leads to enhanced savings and efficiency.
  • Locating best 100 deals in each shop and a cart splitting option between two shops improving shopping profitability.


Amir Ofer
Founder & President

Leading Investors:

  • 83North

  • Pitango Venture Capital

  • WPP

Financing Rounds:

Key Facts:

With mySupermarket consumers can even switch stores mid-shop if they find a better deal.

mySupermarket cuts a weekly shopping bill in the UK by up to 30%.

mySupermarket is the UK’s third largest online supermarket (by traffic) after Tesco and Asda.

mySupermarket’s site analyzes the products in a shopper’s cart and suggests swapping some of the items for cheaper substitutes or alternate sites that offer better value.

In June 2015, mySupermarket launched SHOPS, an online marketplace for independent UK merchants. SHOPS stocks food, health and beauty items and gifts from more than 100 businesses.

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