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Business Model:
CRM, Small and Medium Businesses, Marketing Automation, Enterprise Software, Email Marketing
Company Overview:

Infusionsoft provides an all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses. Its Web-based solution helps small businesses automatically market to get more customers, grow sales and save time.

Infusionsoft technology allows users to collect and organize data from online audience by inviting them to fill out a simple, ready-made lead capture form. Their information is automatically saved straight into the user CRM, allowing continuing the conversation once they’ve left the site.

The Infusionsoft platform allow to pull more people through the sales funnel faster by customizing emails and automatically sending different versions to different contacts based on their actions.

Infusionsoft allows the user e-commerce system to be fully integrated with the user CRM and email marketing.

Finally, Infusionsoft lighten the user workload, create repeatable outcomes, systematize processes, and build relationships with the people who are most interested in doing business with the user.


Need more insights?

The Due Diligence Report for Infusionsoft, prepared with crowd analysis and predictive algorithms, perfect for investment assessment, research and general in depth analysis.


Clate Mask
CEO and Founder
Scott Martineau

Leading Investors:

  • Mohr Davidow Ventures

  • vSpring Capital

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Bain Capital Ventures

Financing Rounds:

Similar Companies:

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