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Internet, Developer Tools, Web Design, Mobile
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DudaMobile is a technology company, operating in the mobile applications sub-sector.

The company has developed a patented software platform that enables SMB owners to adjust their existing old websites and to create a mobile-friendly websites, a responsive websites or a brand you sites, using advanced templates, in minutes. The company CEO is Itai Sadan.

DudaMobile team, comprised of computer science, mathematics, marketing and product development experts, brings to the company product an impressive array of advantages:

  • A patented platform, capable of converting old desktop websites into top-notch mobile and responsive sites
  • An easy conversion process, done within minutes with no coding needed
  • Saves a long and resource-consuming development process
  • Compatibility with Google’s SEO principles
  • Creating easily online stores that match all devices
  • A highly personalized user interface, based on user’s location, previous visits, time of the day etc. supplying an ultimate user experience


Itai Sadan
Co-Founder & CEO
Amir Glatt
Co-Founder & CTO

Leading Investors:

  • Pitango Venture Capital

Financing Rounds:

Key Facts:

Duda has partnered with renowned tech industry enterprises including GoDaddy, Google, AT&T, Yahoo!, DreamHost, Homestead, and OpenTable.

When converting the existing site to mobile format, Duda will search around the web for relevant information that might not be on your current desktop site (i.e. social media accounts not linked).

Duda is one of the leading platforms in the web design industry.

Mobile sites converted with Duda stay in sync with the desktop sites when changes are made without any interaction needed.

Over 5 million mobile sites have been created using Duda, with more than 100000 new sites each month.

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