United States
Business Model:
Mobile, Machine Learning, Computer, Content Discovery, E-Commerce, Software
Geographic Markets:
North America, Europe, Brazil, China
Company Overview:

Wish (ContextLogic Inc.) is a mobile e-commerce application based in San Francisco, California operating globally with a large presence in North America, Europe, Brazil and China.It is currently the sixth largest e-commerce company in the world.

Wish was co-founded in 2011 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, both graduates of Waterloo University. Wish uses deep learning and Facebook’s social graph to deliver a highly curated product list to its customers.

Wish currently works with thousands of merchants serving millions of users globally. Industry metrics report Wish among the top 100 iPhone applications used daily. Their Wish app is a top 10 free app on Android and a top 15 free app on iOS with hundreds of millions of users and billions of dollars in merchandise sold on the platform. Szulczewski, formerly with Google and Zang, formerly with Yahoo, have used the social graph via Facebook log in, an early adoption of deep learning and ad targeting and discount strategies. The two took a virtually unaddressed market and capitalized on it, appealing to users who could forgo the next day shipping option offered by some online retailers. Capitalizing on the mobile market, Wish was set up to be used on smartphones and turned into a top mobile commerce operator with it’s app beating out Wal-Mart in app stores.

Wish began with a focus on recommendation technology, using deep learning to place information such as tweets and news articles in front of people most likely to want to consume them. They later saw the possibilities in using this technology in an online advertising industry, helping publishers position more relevant Google AdSense ads in front of readers. They soon turned this technology to e-commerce where they believed that shopping on phones was the future. They felt their personalized algorithms were better than most retailers’ and they could retain customers more effectively through push notifications than traditional retailers had with email.


Danny Zhang
CTO & Co-Founder
Peter Szulczewski
CEO & Co-Founder

Leading Investors:

  • Formation 8

  • GGV Capital

  • Founders Fund

  • DST Global

  • Temasek Holdings

Financing Rounds:

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