Partners with Zirra to Help Investors to Better Value Their Portfolio and Prospective Investments

The second market is a growing channel that provides investors with the ability to further diversify their investments in the tech sector. With, a platform that offers private investors unique access to pre-IPO private tech companies’ shares, investors are now able to buy stocks directly from founders, employees, and former employees in companies whose most important leap is yet to come – their exit.

Now,, is partnering with Zirra, a research firm that uses AI and machine learning technology to analyze companies better. The new partnership will allow investors to have better visibility into tech companies, entities known for keeping their metrics out of the public eye, to support a better investment decision. That is important in a world in which investment decisions in private companies are still too dependent on rumors or skewed information, rather than on objective, data-driven, thoroughly informative analyses.

To provide the best investment opportunities, the Trading Arena,’s trading platform, supplies only securities of companies that have raised significant institutional capital from venture capital or private equity funds. With Zirra, the Trading Arena will be able to provide investors with a technology-powered analysis of private companies that will supply them with data and insights that will improve their visibility into private tech companies. This includes estimated valuations, NLP-generated lists of competitors, expected time to exit, risk and success factors, as well as a rating of the team, product, momentum, and execution.

Based on the automated analysis Zirra offers investors with two products: Premium Insights Report, a brief discussion of the data gathered, together with a summary of the company’s business and marketing strategy, competitive position, market forecast, exit indicators, HR analysis and inside scoops, curated by Zirra’s analysts. And Due Diligence Report, a longer, deeper dive into a company, which includes a more elaborate analysis of the company and a comprehensive expert’s opinion set that adds the crowd’s wisdom into the report and a deeper familiarity with the company, industry and the market.

The combination of a technology-driven analysis, a network of experts, and a curated smart analysis brings a bolder attitude towards the obscurity in which private tech companies are living in. provides further tools to ensure a smooth running of transaction processes. These solutions include tools for private company securities pricing, digital ledger technology used to enhance equity management capabilities and an online secure data room for transaction participants, also allowing to exchange confidential documents.

In addition to having a deeper visibility into private tech companies, and Zirra will allow investors to invest in better companies and entrepreneurs that will also align better with their portfolio, based on data, insights and experts opinion.

Zirra was founded in 2014 by Moshit Yaffe (CEO) and Aner Ravon (CPO) and it currently serves several dozens of VCs and private investors from Israel, Europe and the United States. Its list of customers includes firms such as Microsoft Ventures, Microsoft Accelerator, IBM, AOL, 83North, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, IGP and Viola. Zirra is backed by investors such as former Microsoft execs Moshe Lichtman and Soma Somasegar, AOL and Professor Dan Galai.’s is now entering its commercial phase after meeting the conditions of the market, successfully presenting total employees or former employees’ shares for sale of about $30 million from leading private tech companies s such as Xiaomi, Palantir, Gett, Ezbob, IronSource, and DocuSign. About 2,000 private investors are listed on the platform, which was recognized by Red Herring as one of the top 100 innovative companies in Europe. provides a trading platform that directly connects shareholders with investors, as well as the necessary information necessary to manage the investment, with maximum privacy and transparency.


Zirra - Flow chart

Zirra – Flow chart


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