Highly Valued Tech Startups that Could IPO in 2017

Seven highly valued tech startups that could IPO in 2017

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MarketWatch, January 2, 2017

Unicorns like Snap and Spotify are expected to reach Wall Street in 2017, but what about Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Dropbox and Palantir?

After a dismal year for initial public offerings, investors are salivating over the prospect of highly valued companies hitting the market in 2017. But with uncertainty around a change at the White House and a litany of companies that may still fear a smaller valuation from Wall Street investors than venture capitalists, that boom could look more like a gradual creep. [Read More]

Silicon Valley’s obscure unicorns could boost 2017 IPO market

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Reuters, December 30, 2016

Social media firm Snap Inc may be the highest profile tech IPO planned for 2017, with the potential to raise billions.

But more than a dozen expected stock offerings of relatively obscure software firms targeting business customers – little-known names such as Apttus, Tintri and Okta – could be just as important in thawing a long-frozen IPO market, according to investment bankers and advisers who work on IPOs. [Read More]

Here are the 5 most likely U.S. IPO candidates for 2017

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VentureBeat, December 20, 2016

A new report offers some mild optimism for the 2017 IPO market after a 2016 that basically turned into a big, fat disappointment.

The 5th annual Tech IPO Pipeline Report from CB Insights released today tracks 369 private companies in the U.S. that seem to be on the road to a public offering of stock at some point. Within those numbers are some interesting trends to note.  [Read More]

New Data On Tech IPOs Points To More Action In 2017 And A Banner Year For Andreessen Horowitz

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Forbes, December 20, 2016

Apart from a couple high profile exceptions, 2016 was a quiet year for tech IPOs. But as industry tracker CB Insights forecasts the landscape of potential public tech companies for 2017, it’s found a couple trends that could point to a busier 2017 — and a big year for venture firm Andreessen Horowitz.  [Read More]

IPOs 2017: Here’s why issuers are hoping for a big comeback

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CNBC, December 19, 2016

After far fewer IPOs went public than expected in 2016, issuers are hoping for a roaring comeback in 2017.

There are reasons to be optimistic:  [Read More]



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