The Company

A New World of Choice is a global online investment platform that presents innovative financial opportunities and other new alternative financial products to qualified investors, including unique access to the private secondary market and ICO’s.

We believe that the future of financial world will look very different from what it looks like today and we offer qualified investors the opportunity to invest in the companies and products that are building the future of the financial world.

Private Secondary Market is an innovative online peer-to-peer platform, the first of its kind in the world in the secondary market, which allows private investors and institutional investors to be exposed to securities of private high-tech companies at the pre-IPO stage. The shares on the platform are held and offered by senior employees, former employees, the founders of the company, as well as private shareholders from all around the world. The arena allows unique access to the private secondary market and it provides unique and innovative services, both to the investors and also to the private shareholders.

The private high-tech companies whose employees are offering shares on the platform include many giant companies, such as the cell phone manufacturer from China, Xiaomi, the ride-sharing company, Gett, Palantir, which deals in big data analysis, DocuSign – one of the leading companies in the world in the field of digital signatures and Ironsource, the largest Internet company in Israel. These companies are companies at the pre-IPO stage, which have raised tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, from venture capital investors, reflecting valuations of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars.

The platform, which was recognized by Red Herring as one of the top 100 innovative companies in Europe, offers an interaction process between the shareholder and the investors, and the input of information while preserving a balance between the need for the privacy of the information of the shareholder and the company and the need for transparency vis-à-vis the investors to the extent possible, in an efficient and convenient manner for the purpose of making a prudent decision, through secure technological tools that provide protection for the investors and for the private shareholders.

ICO Market Place is now curating and presenting selected Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to allow investors to diversify their portfolio with some of the chosen ICO tokens. To provide an arena for smooth, transpearant and thought through transactions, partnered with CryptoRated, a review, rating and analysis platform for Blockchain investors. CryptoRated, a Zirra brand, offers a platform that reviews ICOs using a community-sourced and transpearant rating process.

This joint venture includes an ICO Accelerator that will provide professional assistance to companies that are initiating an ICO and help them with the process. Through the accelerator, we will be presented with many more opportunities that we will share with our investors and provide them with access to carefully selected Coin Offerings that have been mapped out and reviewed by the professional teams of PrivatEquity.Biz and Cryptorated.

Our Investors will receive a newsletter with initial information with respect to each selected ICO that is being launched and will be able to express interest and receive the full analyses and listing documentation.

Our Mission

Our first and foremost goal is to find you an investor.  From prior experience we have noted that investors are most interested in shares of High-Tech companies that are on track to an exit. With this in mind, we build profiles of eligible High-Tech companies, and make these shares available to the investor community.

With respect to ICOs, we map out the companies that have a feasible idea and map out the ones that are just riding the wave of the ICOs and the vast expansion of the cryprocurrency community.

We provide backup and support throughout the entire process, starting from your initial inquiry, and through to the final stage when the proceeds of the sale reach your bank account or digital wallet.‎

Our Approach

We strive to make the secondary market and the ICO market more accessible to investors by providing secure technology tools backed by a simple and efficient process, to ensure investor protection and enhanced connectivity. also provides a direct and significantly improved flow of information helping users to make educated and calculated decisions.

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