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Tokens Tied to Real World Financial Assets


Private Sale to Whitelisted Investors is ACTIVE

The private sale will be finished on June 30,2018.
The offer is limited, ask our manegers on TELEGRAM
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What is the Platform?

The Platform is a tokenized platform in the private secondary market.

It is a bridge between the secondary market investment world and the Blockchain space that allows cryptocurrency holders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to and backed by real assets, such as shares of pre-IPO companies (Target Companies). At the same time, the Platform enables private share owners and investors to unlock the value of these assets by creating and selling their equity tokens. The Platform enhances liquidity and transparency of assets, as well as minimizes transaction costs. seeks to create a scenario that benefits all participants via the secondary transactions it facilitates; investors gain access to previously inaccessible shares of Target Companies while shareholders in these Target Companies gain access to liquidity prior to an exit or an IPO, especially “small” investors and “small” shareholders who lack the resources and/or ability of putting together a secondary market transaction on their own.

Such liquidity is seen favorably by the Target Companies, as these transactions validate the benefits to the employees from such options/shares and can be used during negotiation of employee compensation and in retention of human resources. by Numbers

Privatequity Stock Seller

If you are a current or former employee holding the securities of a private high-tech company not yet issued, you can now offer these private securities for sale.


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Tokens Tied to Real World Financial Assets

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Discover pre-IPO Private High-tech Stock Trading the Secondary Way

Join Our 2080 Listed PEC Token Community

Join Our PEC Token Community TGE – Token Generation Event is not performing a customary “ICO”, for various reasons.

First, is issuing a security token – the PrivatEquity Coin (PEC), which will only be available for accredited and qualified investors;

Second, the aim of this TGE is not to raise funds to create a platform, but rather to enable to expand its already operating platform and shares portfolio that are already listed on the Platform and which are valued over US$ 70,000,000;

Lastly, PEC holders will also participate in and receive a portion of the annual revenues of the Platform.

Through our TGE and our Token Model we wish to provide liquidity to our investor community after they decide in shares of which pre-IPO private company they wish to invest.

After our TGE we plan to use the funds invested in the TGE in order to turn our Platform into an innovative worldwide leading platform, to offer more investment opportunities not only with respect to shares of the pre-IPO Tech companies that are listed on the Platform, but also to a wider range of investment opportunities in the private market that are backed by equity rights (shares of companies in all kinds of fields of activities, sports clubs and so on).

Platform Fees

The revenues of the Platform include:

  • Fees from the Selling Shareholder – 2.5% of the total consideration received by the Selling Shareholder for his shares.
  • From PEC Holders who participate in a Dedicated Token Offering – An annual management fee equal to 1% of the amount invested by them in the Dedicated Token Offering.
  • From Dedicated Token Holders – following an IPO/Exit/Dividend distribution, the Platform Operator will receive a success fee equal to 10% of the profits.


Tokenized Platform

Once we are connecting the Blockchain technology to our Dedicated Vehicle
Work Model and create our Token Model our mission is to:


Expand liquidity to shareholders (mainly small shareholders) that have nil or very limited, liquidity available to them. Tokenization of previously illiquid assets may increase their market value by 10%-40% as illiquidity costs vanish.
Minimize transaction costs between the two sides of the investment process
Open the investment space for additional classes of potential investors, including the crypto-community in addition to all Accredited/Qualified Investors, with low entrance thresholds (starting in some cases as low as $20,000) enabling each such investor to create his own “pre-IPO Fund” while investing as low as $100,000 in the aggregate (obviously, an investor can invest higher amounts but it is in his or her sole discretion).
Make real world private equity liquidity by tokenizing it.
Provide stability to the crypto investors while connecting them to equity-backed tokens.
Onboard shares of off-chain companies to the tokenized economy.
Eliminate geographical constraints when seeking venture capital.

We are pursuing a plan to build a market for our token,
the PrivatEquity Coin (PEC), which has four key components:

1Sufficient liquidity
2A functioning investment platform
3The Dedicated Token economy
4An attractive portfolio of investments

Tokens Tied to Real World Financial Assets

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, our PEC and Dedicated Tokens are tied to real-world financial assets – shares in private companies, with independent expected (though speculative) ROIs. This means that a Holder can, on the one hand, enjoy an increase in the value of the PEC or the Dedicated Tokens but at the same time he or she is not depended on it to generate a profit. Even in the event that the value of the PEC decreases, it does not effect the rights of the Holder to participate in Dedicated Token Offerings or the rights to revenues from the Platform. Likewise, even in the event that the value of the Dedicated Token decreases, upon an IPO or Exit of the Target Company the Holder will enjoy the returns regardless (see more in Distribution of Funds on an IPO/Exit/Dividends in the WP).

Accordingly, our tokens are clearly defined as securities, and are therefore designed to conform to all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the issuance and marketing of securities for investment funds, including verification of token buyers as Accredited/Qualified Investors in accordance with applicable regulations.

PEC Token


Secondary Market Arena

Target Companies

The shares currently offered through our Platform are shares of leading pre-IPO private high-tech companies from all around the globe, which meet the threshold conditions of the Platform and which are listed on our Platform mainly by senior high-tech employees.


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


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Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller

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Private Sale to Whitelisted Investors is ACTIVE

The private sale will be finished on June 30,2018.
The offer is limited, ask our manegers on TELEGRAM

Accredited Investors Sign-Up Program
Coming Soon

In order to encourage Accredited/Qualified Investors to join our Platform we also intend to launch an Accredited Investor Recruitment Program and distribute PECs to investors that successfully complete their registration to the Platform. The Incentive Program will be available on our Platform and the number of PECs to be distributed will be limited in time and in number of PECs.


The Platform is a platform in the private secondary market for share of leading pre-IPO companies

Token Issuance

The TGE is meant to raise funds to expand the already operating secondary private platform

PrivatEquity Coin Value

The more PECs one holds, the more he can enjoy from the revenues of the Platform that will be distributed to PEC Holders and from the increase of value of the Platform as it expands and grows


Once a transaction is closed, PEC Holders who participate in Dedicated Token Offerings will purchase Dedicated Tokens of Dedicated Partnership holding the shares of such Target Company


PrivatEquity intends to partner with Bancor, to enable continues liquidity with the Bancor "Smart Tokens", subject to Bancor Network’s ability to enable liquidity for security tokens in accordance with applicable regulations.

Backed by Real-Equity

Holders of PEC and/or Dedicated Tokens do not solely depend only on the value of the token, since they are backed by real-equity. Accordingly, a Holder can enjoy immediately a rise in the value of the PEC or the Dedicated Token but are not depended on it to achieve a positive return


We work with the best professionals in their field


Endorsed by

The platform has received rave reviews:
top 100 innovative companies in Europe that offer direct, efficient and convenient processes that link shareholders and investors.

Red Herring a leading online technology daily

Such a platform is important in a world in which investment decisions in private companies are still too dependent on rumors or skewed information, rather than on objective, data-driven, thoroughly informative analyses. The platform will also allow for accredited investors to invest in better companies which align better with their portfolio, with the help of up-to-date data, insights, and expert opinions.

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