Private Stock Seller

If you are a current or former employee holding the securities of a private high-tech company not yet issued, you can now offer these private securities for sale.

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Total Private Share Value on Arena

13,579,625 $


Diversify your investments portfolio with investments that provide access to private Securities and pre-IPO leading high-tech private growth companies.

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Listed Investors


Recently Added To The Arena: The Arena

Category: Mobile
Investment Type: Growth Companies
Year Funded: 2015
Amount Raised: US$ 0.4 million
Category: eCommerce
Investment Type: Private Stocks Seller
Year Funded: 2009
Amount Raised: US$ 125.2 million
Category: Enterprise Software
Investment Type: Private Stocks Seller
Year Funded: 2006
Amount Raised: US$ 105.8 million
Category: Online Advertising
Investment Type: Private Options Seller
Year Funded: 2006
Amount Raised: US$ 194 million

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We strive to make the secondary market more accessible to investors by providing secure technology tools backed by a simple and efficient process, to ensure investor protection and enhanced connectivity. PrivatEquity also provides a direct and significantly improved flow of information, thus allowing investors to make educated and calculated decisions

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Only for Stock Options Holders

Get an immediate social loan of up to $20,000 to fund your exercise price and liquidate your shares!


* The benefit will be granted only to residents of Israel at this point
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